We hope that we can answer every question and worry by reading this. if there is something that cant be answered below will be a contact form to contact us for any question you may have!

Step 1: The form

Thank you for contacting us! We've got your form and someone from our team. Well, be in contact within 24 hours, asking for more details. 

Please ensure that all the information is correct and that you check your email regularly and check your spam folder for our reply. we will send reminders in case our emails don't find their way to your just cause, and at any time, you can tell us to stop and reject our communication with you

Step 2: Let's discuss!

Great! You've heard back and are interested in our services, so what's next?

next, we go back and forth a bit discussing some critical details like:



-Days of the shoot


- And much more!

After discussing all the details, we will negotiate a price in accordance with your needs and send you a confirmation of this!

Step 3: Let's meet up!

We have the details down. 

Well..... Yes, we want to meet you, whether in person or via video call. This will help us get familiar with each other and pick out the shoots STYLE! 

This will be the final conversation before we solidify and confirm the shoot. So have all those questions ready for us!

Step 4: finalise the detail

All right, so we have everything sorted. in this step, we send you all relevant documents such as:

- Price quote 

- Contract Documents

Here we ask you to go over everything and make sure everything in the contract and price is as discussed. We will send you a form to fill out and sign, marking the booking as secure!


Step 5: Pay the deposit

This step is usually in conjunction with the previous step but to further elaborate:

We will ask for the deposit to be paid via the available payment gateways and request that payment be made within a week to ensure the booking is secured and no hiccups occur. After the payment deposit, you will receive an invoice to ensure you have a copy of this transaction!

Step 6: Final call for changes

We will call you a week in advance to make sure everything is going as planned. We can make any minor adjustments for the shoot here, and if you need to cancel or anything, this will be your chance to do so!


Beware that if there is a cancellation/rescheduling, we will refer to the signed agreement and process from there.

This will also be the stage where payment must be paid in full.

Step 7: See u at the shoot

Arrive 1 hour before events and 30 minutes early to any fashion and portrait shoot to ensure we are fully set up and ready to go. Please bear in mind that if there is a hall or room booking, we will need to be made aware of it and have access to that venue so we can set ourselves up. Any prop and display setups will need to be done now, so if you're in charge of the prop, please be there to provide for this.

Step 9: Let's Review!

Everything is done and dusted. We've got your pictures, and they are ready for you to keep forever; but before that, we do a last review to ensure you don't want extra photos or any missed adjustments you would like.

Step 8: Time to edit

During editing well, complete retouches and photoshopping within a projected 2-4 weeks, depending on the chosen amount of pictures

after this, we will give you a chance to review them once again and request any more touchups and adjustments you would like


Please do bare in mind that the initial projected time does not reflect changes that you may request during the review stage at any time 

Step 10: Save those memories

That's it, job done, and well have your pictures available via our album page, where we will send you a password to access and download. Please note that the album will only be available for seven working days, and if images are required after, you are subject to a fee for these pictures.

For orders that include other mediums such as USB stick, we will ensure that they is either posted or collected from us, and we will still give the option to download the images as well

Thank you for choosing lensanought to be your photographer for your special event :)

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